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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Well, that is the idea anyway. I am using Framemaker version


    So do I use conditional text/tags, CSH or just Markers in the text?

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    Hi All,

    I'm using FM2015 (13.05.547) on a Windows 10 laptop. I have 2 laptops, actually, both with same version of FM and both Win10, both with same problem.


    The problem:  current project is a book updated from FM12 to FM2015 via open book and all files in book in 2015 and save all files.  The Save As option on the File menu is disabled in all FM files in this book on both laptops.  FM2015 crashes when I try to Update Book, whether all  files are opened or if it's just the .book file open.  I have verified there are no unresolved cross-references.  So, the first thing I would want to do is roundtrip through MIF to clean things up a bit -- but I can't, because Save As isn't available.


    I want to upload sample files, but I don't see how to do so in this interface.

    If you have insight, please email me directly at, I'll send you the sample.


    Thanks for your help!


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    Hi All,


    Given a selected element anywhere in a document:


    var doc = app.ActiveDoc;
    var element = doc.ElementSelection.beg.child;


    I can touch every element in the tree using a function like this:


    var elements = getElements (element, /^xref$/, []);
    function getElements (element, nameRegex, elements) {
        if (element.ElementDef.ObjectValid ()) {        if (nameRegex.test (element.ElementDef.Name)) {            elements.push (element);        }    }    var element2 = element.FirstChildElement;    while (element2.ObjectValid ()) {        elements = getElements (element2, nameRegex, elements);        element2 = element2.NextSiblingElement;    }    return elements;


    This particular function traverses the selected element and its descendants and gets elements matching a particular regular expression. What is important is that it uses recursion to touch every element in the tree.


    I have a different situation where there may be a series of sibling elements selected and I want to still touch every element in the selection. The selection might look something like this:



    Notice that there is no top-level, containing element selected. But I still want to touch every element in the selection. I am looking for a general purpose algorithm for doing this. Thank you very much.



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    I have files and a book that display Paragraph Tags---in the Format > Document > PDF Setup - Tags tab---that are not in any of my files. I believe these Para Tags are from an old template that I repuprosed to create my current user manual template. I have been struggling with failures on PDF generation and I am wondering if the issues are tied to these tags. The Para Tags in question were deleted years ago. I have just now noticed them in this dialog.


    I have checked all Reference Pages, Body Pages, and Master Pages.

    I have searched with the Find tool and I have also looked line-by-line.

    I have created a list of references.


    None of the above find this old para tags, yet they show up in this dialog.




    Windows 10 PC

    FrameMaker 2015, Version



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    I would like to be able to open a FM 10 document at a particular paragraph, so the paragraph is scrolled to. I want to pass the paragraph ID for a heading and have the heading at the top (or at least within the visible portion) of the document window. Is this possible?

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  • 01/25/17--15:05: Old FrameMaker files to PDF
  • What are my options for converting a ~2001 ,fm file to .pdf?

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  • 01/26/17--08:28: SharePoint+ Framemaker
  • How do I trigger a 'save as PDF' of a FM file that is sitting in our SharePoint document library? I know I can probably register a script to "save as" but how do I run it from a button click on my SharePoint document library after selecting a bunch of framemaker files?

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    Hello fellows,


    I'd like to write a script that will find broken external xrefs and attempt to restore them.  In my case, the xrefs get broken because the xref markers appearing in the source files are often updated by a system that generates these source files. I'd like to restore the xrefs by retrieving the xref string and attempting to find this string in the source files. But here is a problem: when an xref is broken, it no longer allows to retrieve XRefSrcText properly. The xref string no longer appears in XRefSrcText. I used the following code to test that:


    Set vCurrentDoc = ActiveDoc;

    Set vXRef = vCurrentDoc.FirstXRefInDoc;


    Loop While(vXRef)

    If vXRef.XRefIsUnresolved

    Write Console  vXRef.XRefSrcText;



    Set vXRef = vXRef.NextXRefInDoc;



    So, the XRefSrcText of an unresolved xref appears as follows:

    25117: TableTitleTable Entry: ;2511718;2511719


    While the XRefSrcText  of a live xref  appears as follows:


    41369: TableTitle: Table 329: Item Numbering


    What I would need to extract from here is the string "Item Numbering" and then find it in the xref source file to create a new link.


    My question is how can one retrieve the text string from a broken xref? One way I could think of is converting the xrefs to text, copying the relevant part into a variable using regex. Any other ideas?


    Thank you!

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    I have FrameMaker 12 and using Windows 7, has anyone had any issues with Windows 10?  I am soon going to be upgraded to Windows 10 and a bit nervous whenever we make these changes.  FrameMaker seems to have issues with changes from the past. Is FrameMaker 12 compatible with Windows 10?


    [Title edited for question clarity and future forum search... Mod]

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    When I started working with FrameMaker 10 (Structured) I knew this might become a problem someday. I started with a set of existing manuals that draw on existing reservoirs of ditamaps and xml files. When I have to edit an xml file how can I know where else it is used? Because if the change I am making in one manual is not intended to show up in a certain other manual I will have to change the name of the xml file and possibly the ditamap it is used in.

    any help appreciated,


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    In my layout I have a text block that is 27pc wide. I have a right tab set with leader at 26.9pc before the page number. Everything is fine if it's one line. If the line turns, the tab is not recognized and the page number is up against the head text. I have to manually insert a second tab on turn lines. Any ideas on how to fix this? Otherwise, I'd have to insert a tab on all 37 pages of my TOC.

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  • 01/30/17--06:59: Amending table format
  • Hello colleagues,


    I've been having an issue with amending table formats in FM 15 (Windows 8.1).


    In the table format catalogue I have a table, which I want to amend (add ruling around a column). I have tried inserting a table, applying custom ruling in the "Custom Ruling and Shading" and then saving the table under a new table tag in the "Table designer". However, when I select "Insert Table" and select the newly created tag in the "Table Format" I still get the old table inserted.


    Could you please tell me if there is any way to edit a table format and save it in the table format library?


    Thank you in advance.




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    I'm cleaning out a bunch of old paragraph formats in a book, and then I'm adding in new formats. I did the first document in the book by hand so that it has exactly the formats I want. Several of the formats have new names, as well as new settings.


    Now I'm copying the new formats to the other documents in the book. However, if I simply copy them, this does not remove the old ones from the other documents. So instead, I'm removing all the old formats first (even ones that have been preserved in the new set of formats), and then copying the new ones from the document I changed by hand.


    Here's the problem: there are nearly 100 formats in the old format list. I can't find a way to do one "remove all formats" operation, so I have to click "delete" for each format. There are 22 documents in this book. That is a lot of mouse clicks. The upper joints of the fingers I use for the mouse are already developing arthritis from too many mouse clicks! In this age of repetitive stress injuries, why doesn't Adobe design the UI of its products to minimize mouse clicks? I also can't find any keyboard sequence that will perform the same function.


    Is there any way to do any of the following:


    • Remove all formats of a particular type (eg, paragraph formats) using only one or two keyboard and/or mouse operations? This could be a "remove all" button, or maybe it could allow multiple selections from the catalog list, and then one could click Delete once.


    • Copy new formats from one doc to another so that the whole set of formats is overwritten with the new set? (In other words, replace the catalog in the destination doc with the catalog in the source doc, rather than simply adding it to what is there.


    • Allow the delete button to accept the action of holding down the mouse to continue deleting, rather than making the user perform the click operation over and over.


    Can anyone suggest alternatives?


    I'm using FrameMaker 2015 on a Windows 8 platform.


    Thank you!

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    I have hundreds of documents with conditional text in FM12. When changing to FM 2015 all the tables became XXX around each cell.


    First I found this helpful, because I can see that the table uses a conditional tag (in FM12 I haven't seen easily, that the table has conditional tag).


    Second I found this XXX in the print. That makes no sense to me.


    Is there a possibility to stop these XXX in the print?


    I prepared two pictures:


    In this sample you can see the condition tag *comment* is over the second line and separately also on the word "Condition".

    When I want to use the condition tag to show the word "Condition" in a special look, I can use the style, color and background to make the difference viewable.


    This is the concept of my documents. I produce schoolbooks with content for students and/or teachers, and everything, that is for the teacher only should be marked in a separate color. Until now, I made this coloring with the condition tag, because I can show it to the teacher and don't show it to the students.


    Easy thing. But now, this whole concept doesn't work anymore, because of these XXX around the cells.


    Is there a method or a way to keep those XXX away from the table?


    The only thing I have found, is to "not show" the condition tag view. But then my example looks like this:


    Now, the cell looks good, it's free from XXX, but now, I can't see anymore any style, color or background from the condition tag, which makes no sense in the upper exemple.


    Please help me, because it's a lot of work to rebuild all the content. We have to change all paragraphs with condition tag to paragraphs with color and condition tag.


    I don't see any sense in those XXX aside from a little help in building documents, but why should I want to PRINT such ugly XXX around my tables????


    Or why should I coloring my condition tags, when I can't print them anymore????

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    Just received emailing advertising new framemaker 2017, but whereever I scroll there is no one for macOS. Did I miss something?

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    We have two Win 7 workstations running Framemaker 11 and Acrobat Standard XI.  Both have worked fine until recently, one has begun hanging when we Save To PDF or print to PDF.  Our documents are tech manuals and typically run 30-80 pages, including photos, drawings and text.  All manuals are affected.  The same manuals produce PDFs as expected on the other workstation.  If I make a one page, one word FM document, it does not hang when producing a PDF.  When I output to PDF from MS Word or Excel, it works fine.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled both Framemaker and Adobe Acrobat.  I re-installed Framemaker without the PDF add-in.  This workstation has a new hard drive and 32GB of new RAM.  Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?

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    FrameMaker 2015: I inadvertently touched some key combination that made the Graphics Toolbar and the Variables Pod "free-floating" on top of other parts of the document. Previously, they did not obscure the document. Instead, they fit around the document. How do I restore that view?

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  • 02/01/17--13:24: images turn grey
  • I have just started playing with FrameMaker.  Can someone tell me why some of the images in my FrameMaker document turn grey. I am copying them from Word.  Should I be saving in another format and then importing them?  I have many images to import since I am doing an instruction manual.  Is there a better way to do this?  I am using version 13.   thanks Sylvie

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    I inherited a large document with lots of files imported by reference. The image folder is a mishmash of old unused images and new images. Some of the images change with each revision of the product. I'm experimenting with getting rid of unused images and organizing used images into folders according to  product version. Doing so breaks the file references in FrameMaker. I see no easy (quick) way to get FrameMaker to use the new path to the file. I can replace an existing file with a new image that has the same file name, but if I move the file, the only thing to do seems to be to delete the image in the doc and re-import the file from the new location. I've used authoring platforms that will track files and maintain the file references. Frame apparently cannot.

    Any suggestions?

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    I managed, I think, to get DROPBOX/ADOBE/ONEDRIVE if not set up for all incoming data at least my data secured and not preventing use of device. Frame Maker I didn't get maybe complete information on. Is it a necessity to have or a choice for better access costing me extra? I don't have an aversion to fees just on fees I don't need or want or not ready to use. I am averse to my privacy and freedom being at risk. I found Dropbox much easier to use for me in conjunction with OneDrive than 365Office was. Thank you so much for your help.

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