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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    Our company is switching from Word to structured FrameMaker 2015. I need to understand the process and costs associated with hiring a company to setup FrameMaker 2015 and convert 250 Word documents to FrameMaker 2015. I'm new to FrameMaker and I know I'm not aware of what the process is, what steps I should take, information I should be aware of to make the transition as easy as possible, and how to evaluate the costs. I've searched a number of websites, but can't seem to find a basic guide on hiring another company to setup FrameMaker 2015. Any ideas on resources I could use?



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    I am not even sure if the client knows what " Publish to the web" means. He just wants to make sure he can in the future. Everything I read says you can just save to XML from FM 2015 and I seem to recall that it will do it from unstructured FM, but I haven't found where is says explicitly that it will do it from unstructured FM so that I can show him.


    If this is true, then it will allow us to create his paper manuals in unstructured FM and then save them out to XML in the future to give to a web designer.


    Also, if you can use unstructured FM to save to XML, is there a primer or guide to things to do or avoid to make the XML output smooth?


    Thanks in advance


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    These are some of the items that I would like to see added to the product.

    1. The ability to have multiple page sizes in one document, set by master pages. Example, and 8.5"x11" and a 11"x17" master page option in one document, versus having to make two separate documents.

    2. Alphanumeric page numbering.

    3. Numbering properties to allow for 00 numbering. 00,01..etc.

    4. A way to update only page numbering through out the book with out it changing the rest of the numbering properties (read: wont knock out a numbering property format set to Text. If number 2 and 3 were available, then it wouldn't be a big deal)

    5. Additional building blocks for autonumbering, similar to Variables definition list, or the ability to add a variable tag to the autonumber field.

    6. Autonumbering that will allow for text wrapping, and coded returns to be placed (like tab or bullet).


    Having used Quicksilver as well, these are two items that are in that software, that I would like to have in Framemaker.

    7. A document map that shows you what each lines tag is with out having to click on each individual line.

    8. Ability to write macros and create your own button to automate tasks.


    Thank you.

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  • 07/16/16--20:11: Disappearing FM 2015 File
  • I am an experienced FrameMaker user who works with unstructured FrameMaker 2015 (using Windows 7) and keep it up-to-date. The issue is that my FM files frequently disappear so that I have to copy the .backup file and create a new .fm file in order to continue working. I'm not doing anything weird, it just happens every once in a while when I try to save a file. For example, I may have been working on a file for several days, or weeks, and it saves fine. Then it decides to disappear. I get the following save error message:



    "File C:\Users\....\[name of file].fm has changed on the disk since you last opened or saved it. Someone else has probably modified the file. Do you want to save it anyway?" [I am the sole owner of this file, no one else has access to it. I click OK to save it.]



    Then the file disappears. My working folder in Window's Explorer shows the .backup file. Plus 4 new files:

    [name of file].fm.DD2

    [name of file].fm.EEC

    [name of file].fmF28

    [name of file].fm.lck



    Why does this keep happening?




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    I've seen instructions for using side heads or table formats. Is there any other way to get an icon to appear to the left rather than just above or below?

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    Hi All,

    Creating a simple script to import a graphic into an anchored frame document. All is working fine, but I cant find a way to read the DPI from the raster image so I can modify the now hard-coded value on lines 10-11.

    I found: Constants.FS_InsetRasterDpi, but this seems to be for SVG data.

    I assume it has something to do with the Imported Graphic Scaling dialog (see image below).


    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


        if(myFrame != null){        //only proceed if valid frame        var props = new PropVals();        var strFilename = "";        props = GetImportDefaultParams();        var index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_HowToImport);        if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_DoByRef; //import by Reference        index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_FitGraphicInSelectedRect); //Do not fit        if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = false;        index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_GraphicDpi); //96 DPI        if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = 96;        index = GetPropIndex(props, Constants.FS_ShowBrowser); //ShowBrowser to get file        if(index > -1) props[index].propVal.ival = 1;    }




    oDoc.Import(oDoc.TextSelection, path, props, returnParms);



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  • 07/19/16--14:20: relative links
  • I am using FM11 and this doc is the source doc when I convert to online help using webworks epublisher pro.

    The application that the help is for is accessible through a url that is an internal web application, for example the absolute url is:



    but the developer is telling me the root can change and that I should make this a relative link, such as:




    Not sure how to do this with the Special-Hyperlink tool. Normally I select "Command: Go to url", and input [[message URL]]


    How would I make this a relative link? I tried //mds/ops/operations.html, but it did not work,

    Please advise.



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    how to do enable hot spot in frame maker 12 for CGM graphic file.

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    I learned a lot today, but too late.


    This morning I did a MIF wash of all the files in a book, saving them to a temp location. I then converted the files back (manually) and copied them back into the original location. Now all of my cross-references are broken (as were the links to my imported graphics, but I've fixed those manually).

    I'm looking for a way to update the directory for all of these cross-references without fixing each one manually. Is there a way to do this?


    For example, FrameMaker is trying to resolve "..\progref\<filename>" from "\\someserver\techpubs\thisbook\progref".

    If I could tell it to change ".. "to "\\someserver\techpubs\thisbook", all would be well!


    (Before you suggest it, I have already gone in and set "Suppress Automatic Updating of All Cross-References" (again, too late), and I have discovered the Package feature, which I'll use for moving documentation sets in the future.)


    Thanks, D

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    Hi Scripters, I know from Russ Ward's samples how to delete an attribute value. But how do I delete the attribute itself from the element? The attribute is undefined in the document's EDD, that is, it shows as red in the structure view. FrameScript has a command for deleting an "undefined" attribute from an element, but I don't see a way to do this in ExtendScript. Any help will be appreciated. -Rick


    I see that the FDK has an F_ApiDeleteUndefinedAttribute() function, but I don't see an equivalent in ExtendScript.

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    I am using FM 2015 to publish to responsive html and somehow while playing with my options, my final product lost the scroll bar. How do i get it to generate one? Is there a particular script or option that controls this?


    Thank you!

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    Dear all,

    I have some 1000 font files on my system - mostly stored away because they belong to specific customers.

    There are, however, fonts in the Windows/Fonts directory which I will not use in my lifetime and hence I wanted to get rid of them.

    I could not move many of them into a safe location, but most fo them I could apply the attribute hidden.

    (From the Adobe fonts in the FM directory I have only activated a few - the others are 'stored away').

    However, these hidden fonts are also listed in the FM-font list (Formt > Fonts), for example Ebrima and Estrangelo Edessa.

    I have noticed that these hidden fonts also appear in my MS-Office applications (version 2003).

    My System is Windows 7 SP1.


    Do You have any ideas how to shorten the font list further?

    Klaus Daube

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  • 07/26/16--03:30: Unable to print a book
  • Hello Team,


    I'm using Framemaker 12 to print books.


    Sometimes the File > Print Book works and sometimes it doesnot works.


    Can anyone help me to rectify the error.



    Panendra P.

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  • 07/26/16--03:10: Glitch when printing to PDF
  • I have an autonumbered paragraph and the numbers are underlined by applying a character style to the Autonumber Format, thus:


    When this is printed to PDF a small line/dot is added just before the text (this doesn't happen when printing to paper):


    Although this doesn't show in the Framemaker window, even when fully zoomed in, it can be made to appear if a space is added after the tab character in the Autonumber Format box:

    Capture3 copy.jpgCapture4.JPG

    Does anybody have any previous experience with this and therefore a solution? (I did try searching the forum but couldn't find anything).

    I am using Framemaker 2015 with Acrobat XI.

    Update: I have Framemaker 10 installed on the same PC and doing the same thing on that does not show the problem.



    Message was edited by: Steven Clark

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    We have some HTML files that we are trying to import to FrameMaker 12 so we can edit them. I set FrameMaker as structured FrameMaker and opened the HTML file. I get an Unknown File Type and select Convert from XML. The file opens in FrameMaker, but all the images are missing. Is there a way to import html files and keep all the images?

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    Currently using FrameMaker v6.0 for many years to support a HUGE Users Manual with hundreds of screenshots.  I am concerned with corrupting this monster document with an upgrade to V15.  Any ideas if this will blow up? 

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  • 07/26/16--21:54: Extend script
  • Hi there,


    I am new to scripting. I need a script for updating cross references in a book. I am using licensed version of Frame Maker 10. I am using Extend script.




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    package "feature" will not package linked graphics. HELP

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  • 07/28/16--00:31: unstructured Framemaker 2015
  • Hi,

      I am a beginner in using the unstructured framemaker. In unstructured framemaker, when I want to make a manual, should I import texts from other documents or copy it from other document or type characters by myself on the computer keyboard in framemaker? If I type the characters, how can I avoid making mistakes? Thanks in advance.

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    I'm struggling with some tables. I've got a question out regarding missing text in a table when saving to PDF.


    FM version


    After some troubleshooting, I've discovered some types of paragraph tags/styles just plain don't show up in a table cell when the .fm is converted to PDF, even though the tag specifies CellBody or CellHeading.


    I can't find anything significantly different between the tag I know shows up and the ones that do not. Same font family, same size, same angle/weight/color/stretch/pair kern, etc. Why one tag shows and a whole lot of others don't is a frustrating mystery.


    Another oddity: Acrobat Reader can find the "invisible" text, because I can choose it and apply strikethrough. A strikethrough line appears where the text should be, but no text is visible.


    What setting should I look for to make sure the paragraph tag actually displays in a cell when the .fm is saved as a PDF?

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