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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    As soon as I insert a table I get  the following error. Thanks  for your help.



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    Looking for these two fonts. Frame is being picky. Thanks


    The "TimesNewRomanPSMT" Font is not available.

      "Times New Roman" will be used in this session.

    The "TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT Bold" Font is not available.

      "Times New Roman Bold" will be used in this session.

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    FM15 started messing up for me. It wants to refresh slowly line by line and before it is refreshed, it starts over & over & over. It can take up to 30 minutes to refresh a page. If I save, copy, cut, page up/dn, etc. it starts all over. I rebooted my computer once but nothing changed.

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    Hello All,

              I am having some issue while creating PDF from FrameMaker book. It is creating only a TPS file, but not PDF. I tried the trouble shooting options from adobe site. But nothing worked.


    I opened all the documents in the book before trying to create the pdf.


    This issue started after I tried updating TOC. That time I got the error "Show/Hide setting for is inconsistent in <filename>:.


    To solve that issue I followed the below steps for each of the documents in the book:


    1. On the 'Special' menu, clicked 'Conditional Text'.
    2. In the 'Conditional Text' dialog box, clicked 'Show/Hide'.
    3. In the 'Show/Hide Conditional Text' dialog box, made the condition tag same for all the files


    The errors disappeared but after that I am not able to generate PDF file.

    Please help me on this issue.


    Sandhya Ashok

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    I'm using structured FrameMaker for DITA authoring. For PDF generation, I save the ditamap to a composite FM file and include it in an FM book. I generate TOC and index as I do for unstructured FM.


    The thing is, as recommended by DITA best practices, I put indexterms in the prolog, which is conditionalized in FM and should be hidden in the generated PDF. But if prolog is hidden, indexterms are hidden as well and no indexterm is included in the generated index!


    So how should I deal with indexterms? Include them in the body will work of course, but that is against most DITA best practices. Thank you!


    BTW, I use FrameMaker 10.

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    Dear all,

    In my script I have set up this notification:


    Notification (Constants.FA_Note_PostActiveDocChange, true); 

    I have now noticed that this is also triggered (executing the Note function) in the following situation:

    • Script is active in a dialgogue, which stays open (is palette). It remembers the 'current' location in the user document to be able to restore it after changes in the document by the script.
    • I switch to the document and do some text editing. Normally I do not need a screen refresh and can then proceed to the palette of the script.
    • If I do a screen refresh (CTRL +l) the notification triggers and the script restores the last 'current location'. In most cases this is the start of the document.

    My questions are:

    • Is a sceen referesh really a 'change in the document' and thus the behaviour correct?
    • Or is this my mis-interpetation of FA_Note_PostActiveDocChange ?
    • Or am I the victim of an unsharp defintion of FA_Note_PostActiveDocChange ?

    Thanks for any thoughts about this.


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    We have several users running Framemaker 2015.  Files with no graphics will load quickly.  Any time the file contains graphics, it will load very slowly at the page that contains graphics.  It happens whether the file is local or on a server.  Are there any best practices to speed up the loading of a file?  Should the graphics be converted to a certain type of file?  We are currently using jpgs


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    we already had this Problem with the Framemaker 12 and we upgrade to 2015 because we thought, the problem is fixed.


    If we create new conditions as a conditional text and then formats and assigns, FrameMaker crashes. The problem occurs in existing documents where already conditions assigned.


    I already create a Bugbase and sent this Problem to fmerror@adobe.combut I did not get a response.


    Can somebody help me?


    Thank you


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    I am using a font called Horsham in Framemaker 12 on Windows 10. It came with 8 different weights but no italic. I had thought that I would be able to apply the Italic Angle in the paragraph or character designer as needed, but it's not available (only "Regular" is in the dropdown). I can apply italic to this font in other programs, like MS Word, and there are other fonts on my computer that don't indicate having italic variations in the Fonts folder, on which I CAN apply Italics.


    Is there any thing that I can do to make that font Italic in Framemaker 12 when I need to?

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  • 07/08/16--01:04: ESTK quirks
  • During development of my script I do not use the (established FM-)menu to invoke its functions, but normally test via ESTK.

    Of course I expected the same beahviour in using Notify whether I start the script via ESTK or directly out of FM.

    The very first thing the script (during development) is the presentation of a small dialog which lets me choose the function to be tested:

    Dialogue C, Dialogue S, Dialogue DS. The dialogues contain selection lists which are filled from items from the current document (e.g. the list of vaiables of type #calc). When Switching the document, a Notify function is (should be) invoked to refresh the content of the dialgue according to the current document.

    All works correctly if I start the script via File > Script > Run or from the Catalogue > Favourites:

    • invoke Dialogue C
      • variables are OK from document
    • Switch document
      • Notify is invoked (alert)
      • Variables are updated from document

    But this does not work correctly when starting from ESTK:

    • invoke Dialogue C
      • variables are OK from document
    • Switch document
      • Notify is not invoked (no alert)
      • Variables are not refreshed
    • Use butto Refresh in dialogue
      • Variables now correspond to document
    • Switch document
      • Notify is invoked (alert)
      • Variables are updated from document 

    The Refresh button mainly does the same as the Notify function. It's strange that after using the Refresh button the Notify function starts to behave. That is, switching the document from now on invokes the Notify function!

    This is as least strange for me.

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  • 07/08/16--04:55: html export index
  • Dear all,


    I have a problem at exporting my FrameMaker book to HTML5. I work with structured FrameMaker (Version 2015).

    The export works well and the result is as expected. But only the table of content not. Either I can expand folders which are named like the files in the books. In there I can choose the chapters with level 2 headings. Or in some other cases I can expand the level 2 headings. In there I can choose the chapters with heading level 1 and 3.


    I wonder, where FrameMaker gets the selection and structure of the index for the HTML export.


    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Framemaker 2015



    Okay... I'm looking through posts (and other online sources) to figure out what I need to do, but am hoping that getting info straight from the horse's mouth might work best (that is, save me from doing lots of things incorrectly).


    I have several Framemaker books, each containing multiple documents.

    Some of these docs books use conditional text to generate from 2-4 variants.

    We've been pretty faithful at using our defined paragraph and character styles throughout.


    We've always generated to .pdf, but for these docs, we want to get them onto our .io site to be consumed online rather than as pdf.


    So... what is the recommended process for doing this, for short-term gain (for current batch of documents), and long-term (for new documents yet to be created)?


    Can I accomplish this with unstructured Frame, or do I have to convert into structured (which I haven't used)?


    (Note: I didn't want to jump down a process and get to a point where I have to shout 'HELP! I'M DROWNING!' --- I'd rather get the proper life preserver in place, first :-)


    Thanks in advance for any insight 'you' can share, and if this is out-of-bounds topic-wise, I apologize.

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    System:     FM 2015 on Windows 10


    User:          Very experienced FrameMaker and Acrobat user. Never experienced this issue before (in almost 20 years of use of FrameMaker).
                        No change in methods or techniques used that would explain the issue.

                       Contacted Adobe Acrobat, and was told Acrobat Pro DC does not support FrameMaker 2015, and was directed to contact Adobe FrameMaker.  


    Use case:  Using unstructured FrameMaker to develop content.

                       Using standard FrameMaker cross reference functionality (inserting cross references) to create links to other sections within same document.

                       Cross references are 'Paragraph' type, not Cross Reference Marker type.

                        Generating PDFs from FrameMaker using Save as PDF functionality. (Using Adobe PDF printer, and Acrobat Pro DC is our PDF tool.)


    Issue:         If a chapter title paragraph tag is the target of a cross reference (almost always the case), the bookmark in the generated PDF has a
                       repeated chapter number.

        • Bookmark with issue    "Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Overview"
        • Desired rendering         "Chapter 1 Overview"

                     Note:  The repeated Chapter 1 in the bookmark is the auto-number components of the of the Chapter title tag
                                  (the auto-number format for this tag = "Chapter"  plus the autonumber building blocks).


                      If I delete the cross reference marker from the chapter title tag, the bookmark render correctly (the chapter number is not repeated in the bookmark). 

                      This is not a viable work-around, because we cross reference chapter titles throughout our guides to direct users to other sections of the book. 

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    Framemaker 2015 v13.0.3.495 (but I think it's happened before)



    (this happened with two of the documents in my book)


    Document has numerous tables (> 30).

    Lots of conditional text (simple conditions).


    When I generate my list of tables, the tables are listed as (table numbers are chapnum-tablenum):

    3-1 to 3-16



    3-19 to 3-20



    3-23 to 3-24





    As you can see 18/17 are reversed, ditto for 22/21 and 26/25.


    In the document, they appear correctly (e.g. table 17 comes before table 18).


    The only weirdness I can see offhand (and this is the case for most tables in multiple documents) is that the first marker in the table title is a cross-ref, where the marker text includes the table #, but the table # is incorrect (e.g. the cross-ref marker at the beginning of the table header for table 17 indicates "65379: TableTitle: Table 3\+18:\sn Blahblahblah" where 'Blahblahblah' is the actual title. Not all of the tables have this (some have correct numbers, some don't have crossrefs).


    I've tried deleting tables and re-adding them, but problem persists.


    Any idea what causes this?

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    I am using the framemaker2015. when I open the book.file, it shows the structure like that: NoName, containg several Book- Components, corresponding to several sections of the book. Meanwhile, the red line occurs in the structure. But when I only open the fm.file of the book, it does not show any sturcuture. Can you help me to solve this problem?

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    I'm creating hyperlinks in FM then converting to PDF.  The links go to other PDF files.  When I click on a link, it goes to the 2nd PDF but it closes the first document.  How can I link to a PDF and get the 2nd file to open without closing the first file?

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  • 07/13/16--02:29: Package feature?
  • Hi, I have just downloaded the Framemaker trial 2015 release, I need to package a document for my translators. 2015 will not include files i.e. my images if they are not in the root folder. Is this right?

    Indesign will collect all objects and place them in one folder.

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    Hi there,


    I have a folder of mifs and I want to run the same scripts over each mif, save each, and close them.


    Is this possible with extendscript?



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  • 07/13/16--09:56: generating chinese TOC ?
  • I am running FrameMaker 12 and have some trouble generating a chinese TOC. The font is SimHei and it is simplified chinese. Most of the TOC seems to work ok, but some headlines come out like this:


    "openXmlElementId ../../../../../../Manual/FM filer/AQUA/R02 - Chinese/Aqua Blue HW - Chinese<$UniqueXmlElementId<$RelativeXmlElementId"


    I can't figure out what is amiss. It seems that it should not be a font issue - but then what is it?

    Can anybody please help?


    best regards


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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently working on a marketing flyer for my company.  I am new to FM, I have only been using it for about 2 weeks.  I am looking for a way to set a custom fill pattern that I can apply to the background of my document. Is there a way to do this similar to how you can add custom fill colors ? or any other way that I may be missing ? I'm looking to add a textured background instead of just a plain color. Thanks !

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