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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I've got two tables in my FM book, one with 3 columns, the other with 2 columns, both with alternating shading. In FM, the tables both have text in the cells of the right-most column. When I save the book as a pdf, the text in those columns disappears. Oddly, when I select where the text should be in the pdf, Acrobat reader does recognize something there.


    I've tried resizing the columns, with no luck. The cell formatting is the same as in other tables in the book, and other tables also have banded shading but don't lose the text when saving as pdf.


    Any ideas?

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  • 06/17/16--13:35: Save as Docbook XML
  • I am trying to save a structured FM file as DocBook xml, But it is not giving me DocBook output, just regular XML.


    Here is my code, my best guess is line 13 is the issue.

    function saveAsDBXML (doc, saveFolderName){    $.writeln("SAVE_XML: " + doc.Name);    var params = GetSaveDefaultParams();    var returnParamsp = new PropVals();       var fileName = String(doc.Name.match(/[\w\.]+$/))    var saveName = saveFolderName + fileName.replace(/\.[^\.\\]+$/,".xml");       var i = GetPropIndex(params, Constants.FS_FileType);    params[i].propVal.ival = Constants.FV_SaveFmtXml;    var i = GetPropIndex(saveParams, Constants.FS_StructuredSaveApplication);    saveParams.val[i].propVal.sval = "DocBook";    doc.Save (saveName, params, returnParamsp);    return saveName


    Also tried:

    saveParams.val[i].propVal.sval = "DocBook 2.1";



    saveParams.val[i].propVal.sval = "XDocBook";




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    Back in the Frame 8 days we had a combination of Windows shell scripting and FrameScript to detect updated .fm files in our Perforce versioning system, convert the new files to PDF, and upload them to Sharepoint for the outside world to consume.


    In 2016, is this still the right plan? I've started looking at ExtendScript, but it seems to exist purely within FrameMaker. Is this an accurate observation? Should we stick with FrameScript?




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    I'm struggling with some tables. I've got a question out regarding missing text in a table when saving to PDF.


    FM version


    After some troubleshooting, I've discovered some types of paragraph tags/styles just plain don't show up in a table cell when the .fm is converted to PDF, even though the tag specifies CellBody or CellHeading.


    I can't find anything significantly different between the tag I know shows up and the ones that do not. Same font family, same size, same angle/weight/color/stretch/pair kern, etc. Why one tag shows and a whole lot of others don't is a frustrating mystery.


    Another oddity: Acrobat Reader can find the "invisible" text, because I can choose it and apply strikethrough. A strikethrough line appears where the text should be, but no text is visible.


    What setting should I look for to make sure the paragraph tag actually displays in a cell when the .fm is saved as a PDF?

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    J'essaie d'installer la version d'essai de FrameMaker 15, mais à chaque fois il y a un Échec de l'installation.

    La fenêtre de l'installateur indique qu'il y aurait une version préliminaire ou non compatible de FrameMaker.

    Seulement voilà, je n'ai jamais installé FrameMaker auparavant.
    Que faire ?

    Merci d'avance

    Mario Bucciarelli

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    I'm trying to migrate some legacy documentation to structured format and want to be able to save it to and load from XML. I've had some success creating a conversion table, an EDD and R/W rules, but still have some issues.

    I have a couple of files like:,, and a BOOK file which includes those and a TOC. These files have some cross references (e.g. file1 may have a reference to file2). I want to be able to save each separate file to XML and preserve those references.

    When I convert a file to structured with a conversion table, external cross references have the IDREF attribute empty (no value). After saving to XML, those xrefs are saved as text, without any tags.

    Another question is how do I treat the BOOK file to be able to update page numbering, cross references, TOC and create a PDF version of the documentation? Or I can just load updated XML files, save as FM and treat the book as usual? What is a common practice?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    I am updating a book with about 160 chapters from FM 7.2 to FM 2015.  What would be the smartest and quickest way to do this?  I don't mind learning to use a script.  Previously struggled a bit with FrameScript and the new built-in script seems to be similar, but would like to break through that barrier. I have been away from FM for a few years but now have to get this monster up to date.  I believe that it is pretty clean so not anticipating much trouble with the conversion. Any tips really appreciated

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    I have conditional tags applied to some text over a large document.


    Sometimes I have two tags applied to the same text.


    Sometimes the way conditions are applied, the text is both Show and Hide.


    Is it possible to make Hide be the overriding condition?

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    I have a Book containing 23 document files. The document files contain page numbers in the footers.

    One of the document files is a generated table of contents (TOC). Unfortunately, the generated page

    numbers in the TOC do not match the page numbers in the files. Here are the particulars:


    • The title page, in a file by itself, is unnumbered
    • The frontmatter, spread across five files uses lower-case roman (i-xvi)
    • The body text in the remaining 17 files is numeric (1-243)
    • The generated Table of Contents uses cardinal numbers from the book as a whole. For example,
      Chapter I is numbered correctly in the footer starting with page 1. However, in the TOC it is listed
      as starting on page 19 because it is the 19th actual file in the book. I have set the document numbering
      properties for this file to start at 1, and the Page Numbering properties for the book as a whole to
      be "Continue"
    • The style of the TOC entries is correct. That is, the frontmatter uses lower case roman, and the
      chapters use Numeric

    I have tried regenerating the TOC, but this didn't help.


    Does anyone have suggestions on what the prescribed way of doing this is?

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    I have a book with 60 files and the Archive-v2.jsx utility tool only goes as far as 25 files, then stops. how can I fix this? Thx.

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    I have tried multiple things to get the file name to appear as the topic name in the TOC. My single file (in a book) is generated as a book file with an href that uses the correct URL but the topic lists the title of something in the doc. I thought at first that the conversion was picking up Title from the File Info, so I deleted that from each file and tried again. Still getting the title as the href - not the file name. Using <$filename_no_ext> as the Topic Pattern Name has no effect. Changing the HTML Mapping Macros to use <$filename_no_ext> instead of <$defaulttitle> has no effect either. Any suggestions? If I can get this to work then I can convert all of my docs to HTML.



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    I just converted my 7.2 files to FM 2015 and got some 'At least one original filter ... graphics imported by reference ... not available ..' messages.


    When I looked at these files, I found that many anchored frames had heavy black borders that I could not change and some tables had strange thick cross-hatch borders that I similarly could not find information about.  I'm guessing this is some kind of error condition report but have not been able to find any information about fixing it.


    The affected files tend to be older ones originating before FM 7.2


    Any ideas about how to approach this?  See pictures.





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  • 06/21/16--22:18: CMYK setting
  • In Framemaker 2015, what does the CMYK setting do in PDF Setup, when using Press Quality?


    As far as I understand, the .joboptions file is supposed to override this setting, so that the produced file is CMYK for print. But when displayed on screen, there is a substantial difference in colour between pdf files produced with CMYK and RGB. This applies too colours defined as CMYK process in FM. I want to make sure I have the right colours when the file goes to the printer.


    With CMYK set, producing a pdf takes much longer, creates a smaller file and is much more likely to crash (particularly for large graphics, or if there is something non-standard in the imported graphic). Also, CMYK cannot cope with imported and rotated graphics.


    I would just use the RGB setting and trust Distiller to correctly produce CMYK, but as the colour difference is significant I think I don't know how to get the right colour.

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  • 06/21/16--20:54: Figure alignment issue
  • When I am importing a figure into an anchored frame using 'Import by reference' option, it is taking centre alignment (in both horizontal & vertical) by default.

    I have saved and closed the file.


    If I am opening the same file from any other computer (other than the one in which it is imported), the figure is not aligned as it is saved.

    It is shown in left alignment (in both horizontal & vertical), whereas it should show centre alignment (as it is saved).


    Please give me any suggestion to resolve this issue. (If I am opening the file from any computer, it should show the same alignment as it is saved.)


    Any Framemaker experts, please help me to resolve this issue.

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    J'ouvre des fichiers d'un ouvrage réalisé avec FrameMaker 11 (version

    Deux couleurs sont utilisées : Noir et Cyan. Le Noir est défini en "surimpression". 

    Je souhaite réalisé un PDF pour l'imprimeur avec le Noir en surimpression.

    Malgré toutes mes tentatives, je n'obtiens pas le résultat escompté.


    Voici la définition des couleurs dans FrameMaker.



    J'utilise les paramètres "Qualité supérieure" car les paramètres de surimpression sont théoriquement conservés lors de la génération du PDF.



    Mais, dans l'Aperçu de sortie d'Acrobat Pro DC, le texte Noir apparaît toujours en réserve sur la couche Cyan. Ce qui n'est pas correct.



    Le texte Noir est pourtant bien détecté "en surimpression" dans l'Aperçu de sortie.




    Quelqu'un connaît-il une procédure fiable pour obtenir le Noir en surimpression (donc sans réserve dans les autres couches) dans un PDF généré à partir de FrameMaker 11 ?


    Merci pour votre aide.

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    Hi all,

    the cross references in a set of FM documents were lost in the translation process so the sources and the published PDFs contain plain text parts such as "see chapter". I imagine that theoretically a script could search for such text snippets and the automatically link them to the corresponding headings - does anybody know a solution for this?






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    I was using the publish to APS feature in FM 2015 and it seems to be fine with small books (<10 files) or a small chapter file<10 pages. I have set the paragraph format Heading2 to break up the chapter into smaller chunks, but now FM just crashes continually. I tried other output options and all of them now crash FM. I liked publishing to APS because it generated a nice individual HTML file. FM is getting too frustrating to use as an authoring tool. Nothing seems to work as advertised except basic functionality.

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    I cannot figure out why FM is omitting a specific file from the HTML5 output... I just got a new work computer, and this wasn't happening on the old one (using the same .sts file). Any idea how to ensure all files are being added to the output?

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  • 06/28/16--05:48: Changing variables
  • hi

    i'm relativliy new to Framemaker 11. but i need to change the layout and add more titles.

    I allready added the new title to the edd. but some how the elements are not updated atomataclly.


    so i startet to open each element and adding the new format manualy to its variable, but that will take me probably a other week of work, because there are so many ;-(.


    it would be awsome if it would be possible to update all variables with the same name in each element at once.


    im looking forward to your answers.


    best regards


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    I am the IT responsible at our company and we have 2 Framemaker subscriptions that 2 of our users have and use. I have asked the support a couple of times if we can either pay per year or even better have the invoices emailed directly to our erp system.

    The support could not help me with this and i cant describe the irritation of the users who have to be alert and forward the email every month so it gets paid and now during vacation time.........


    How hard can it be to send an invoice for a year or change the invoice email address?


    Very frustrated admin.

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