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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I have a customer spec that requires a particular paragraph (Warning and Caution) to be fully justified. I input the text as needed, and apply the Justify command (hitting the button). The first line does not fully justify to the right, and the last line stays left aligned. All other lines are justified correctly, and look nice.


    Any suggestions for the first/last lines?


    I am using FM 11 that has been patched to

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    Dear Adobe,


    The installation didn't gave me problems.

    But when I want to start the application the following internal error is shown on the screen.


    Internal Error: 11004, 23458116, 23458410, 26201813



    I hope somebody can tell me what is going wrong.


    kind regards,






    the next text is the given in the logfile:


    [Log info removed by moderator]

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    I'm a Software packager and Administrator in Phoenix Contact company. I'm creating an update package 13.0.2 to Adobe Framemaker 2015.

    I've been trying to do it but with no postivie effect. What I've done:

    1. I've downloaded Application Manager Enterprise but when I try to create update I have an info that This update is not supported.

    2. I've tried with "application.xml.override" and Set-up.exe but the problem is that there is no Set-up.exe


    Please advise, 

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    Everything says use AAMEE but it's an .exe, not an .msi so no worky.  shouldn't be this hard.  why isn't it an .msi to begin with.  sigh.  any help is appreciated.

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  • 03/23/16--03:31: Internal error 10024
  • Dear FM users good morning,

    We are not able to understand the error " Internal Error 10024,6780225,6753823,6770958. Framemaker has detected a serious problem and must quit".


    We are using FM on windows 7 and this error happens often. We searched on the web but the three numbers(series) after the error code 10024 are not listed on it.


    We found many other 10024's errors but not the one listed above having the numbers following the 10024. From what we understood the 10024 is a family error and the depiction of the issue depends on the numbers( child codes) following the main one.

    Is there anyone who faced our problem and solved it?

    If not do you have any hint for solving it?


    Thank you in advance.



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    I use the character style zzBoldNumber in my Numbered 1 paragraph style to make the numbers bold. I was outputting HTML5 from FM12 and it worked fine. Here's the HTML output:


    <p class="FM_Numbered_1"><span class="FM_zzBoldNumber">1.</span>Select a location for your PLAY:1. </p>


    I upgraded to FM 2015 and now the numbers are not formatted correctly. They are the wrong font family and they are not bold. Here's the HTML output:


    <p dir="ltr" class="FM_Numbered_1">Select a location for your PLAY:1. </p>


    Notice that the <span> tag is missing.


    I have tried mapping the zzBoldNumber style to a variety of styles, but the result is the same.


    Seems like a bug to me.


    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Hi All,

    I am using FrameMaker 10 Structured and am trying to underline some of the text.

    I tried it a number of ways and it shows but does not save.

    Using Character Designer did not work.

    Thanks for any help,


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    We have a set of documents in FM7 version. Here we use elements that have prefix defined in EDD. So we achieve to automatically create text using these elements.

    But this prefix contains Slovak diacritics. Now the problem is when we upgrade this document to FM10.

    When we open it, the text looks OK. But when we insert this element to upgraded FM10 document, the diacritics is broken. (or we change this element to the same element)


    It looks like the internal EDD is still holding non-Unicode texts.


    When we open the FM7 EDD and upgrade it to FM10 document, then prefixes in EDD are OK and when this EDD is again imported to document, the texts from EDD works ok.


    Is there any other way to fix this without reimporting new EDD to all documents?

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    I am working with Fm 2015. I want to publish a Fm book as a WebHelp document, this works fine but there are images that don't appear in the output.

    When I save as a pdf however the ouput is fine. Its two images of symbols that are repeated throughout the document in tables, they indicate warnings and tips.

    Any ideas and suggestions to resolve this?



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    I have a paragraph tag called Note_Editor. It is for communicating questions to the SMEs. When I PDF these documents, I would like to be able to Hide/Show this tag as needed.


    Can I assign a Conditional Text to a Paragraph Tag?

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  • 03/25/16--01:43: Autodesk vault as CMS
  • Will autodesk vault be supported as CMS ?

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  • 03/25/16--11:26: File -> Save As issue
  • I am running FrameMaker 2015 ( under Windows 10 32-bit (up to date) under Parallels 11.1.3. For some files, the File-Save As menu is disabled. It works for some files not others. Whether the file is stored locally or on a network volume appears to make no difference. Suggestions?

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    Hello Folks,


    I am trying to install Frame Maker 7.2 version on Windows 7 Professional Edition. It shows error that the Application is not supported by my OS. However, I also tried with FM 11 and that's working fine. But I have few corrupted files that are in FM 7.2 version which I need to access. With FM 11 that's not happening, don't know the reason. Screenshot added for explanation.


    FM 7.2 not working.PNG

    I have the licensed copy for both the versions of FM. But only FM 7.2 is not getting installed on my Windows 7 Pro.


    Someone please help me to resolve this situation or please recommend if I have to make some changes in Windows Settings.




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    I created a ditamap.

    When I open an xml file which contains an xref, the console displays this message:

    DITA+FM ERROR: Specified FileOpenClient not installed.: XXXX.xml - Unable to resolve xref.

    But the reference still works if I press ctrl + alt and click.

    I'm just curious about what it exactly means as I found nothing useful about that from the Internet.

    Does anyone know?

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  • 03/28/16--10:36: Changing keyboard shortcuts
  • The shortcut "Ctrl Alt c" for making selected text initial caps unfortunately opens another program on my computer instead. It's a company computer so I can't just uninstall the other program. I wanted to find out if it Is possible to change a keyboard shortcut in Framemaker before I contact IT to see if I can have the offending program (which I don't think I need) removed.

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    Hi all,


    Is there an easy way to copy table content from a PDF into a structured FM10 table?


    I've tried copying from Excel, word tables, but neither way works. Just puts everything into one cell :-(


    Also, does anyone know how to stop FM from auto scrolling to the end of a document? If I start scrolling down a page, FM just keeps going!


    Thanks so much!

    :-) joan

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    Dear all,

    For real debugging the breakpont mechanism is not helpfull in many cases:

    • Breakpoints work as intended for scripts which run in the ESTK
    • As soon as FrameMaker is involved, things become more complicated:
    • As long as I can invoke functions from within ESTK it works as without FM
    • As soon as a function is called via menu, the  breakpoints do not halt execution.

    Therefore I have used a mechanism logging each entrance into a function (and the leave) and Alert/Console statements in the code.

    Stopping at a breakpoint and tip toeing through the following code would of course be a more elegant method, especially with the Data Browser open.

    It's my impression that the ES engine in FM does not know about the breakpoints set in ESTK.

    Are my expectations to breakpoints wrong or is it just this way?

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    I am evaluation FrameMaker. I produced a DITA document that publishes well to HTML formats.

    But when I publish to PDF, I don't like the format.


    It seems no matter what I do to change paragraph and character formats in WYSIWYG view,

    the changes don't stick, but instead revert to the default formats.


    What do I need to do to get the PDF output to keep the formatting I set?

    Is there a specific template that must be changed?


    Thanks for your help.



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  • 03/29/16--15:56: PDF docs in FM book
  • Hi all, is there a way to place pdf documents into a framemaker book so that it will save with the rest of the book files into a single pdf document?  And if so, can the pdf documents be included in the book table of contents and with hyperlinks?

    thanks in advance,


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    In FM, how do you configure Figure and Table captions to have consecutive numbering from file (chapter) to file? We are not using a chapnum, just continuous numbering like pages.

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