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Unanswered Discussion Threads in Adobe FrameMaker

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    I need to import a multiple page PDF into FrameMaker. I can specify each page number and it works successfully, but the missing piece is knowing how many pages are in the PDF. With FrameScript, I can use its EActiveXObject object to query the PDF and find out the number of pages. It can also be done with InDesign ExtendScript by using its app.doScript method to pass some Visual Basic to the PDF, returning its page count. I am trying to figure out how to do this with FrameMaker ExtendScript. Any ideas would be appreciated.


    One thing I tried: I was hoping that once the page number I passed to the Import method exceeded the number of pages in the PDF that the command would fail. But it doesn't; it simply imports page 1.



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    My FM 11 crashes when I switch to structured mode. I have kept my old maker.ini file which restores me back into the unstructured mode. But, I can't get to the structured mode after I set the preferences to framemaker structured. What do I need to do? Thank you for your help.

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    Hello. Is there a way to create custom XML element(and customized list of attributes) in FrameMaker in a way, which the framemaker will open the xml file and validate it successfuly. For example I want to have xml element <table10> with attributes class,id,pr etc, but when I use the new feature since version 11 called "XML View" and modify the code - after a while the new element staies, but the attributes dissaper and in Structured view the element "table10" is in red. After save and open - message for validation fail apper, but the file opens and again table10 is in red. I mean is there way to learn Adobe FrameMaker for the existance of my own elements and their attributes? I am using Structured FrameMaker and do not have experience over Unstructured and XML Author.

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  • 03/12/16--22:58: Linking to content on a Wiki
  • Hi All,


    I'm working with a team that presently uses Framemaker to create product documentation.  In order to get better collaboration with the designers, we want to author the content on a wiki (Confluence).  The end target is a pdf - and we're researching if we can generate the pdf directly from Confluence; however, it seem to fall short in a number of areas.  Confluece has a nice REST API that I can use to pull the structured content.  Is there any way to have Framemaker import the content from a uri or script rather than a file?


    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Can't install Framemaker 2015 trial because of the error 'The Akamai Download Manager has encountered a fatal error: Access denied.'

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  • 03/14/16--04:10: Adobe FrameMaker HTML save
  • I have problem with Adobe Framemaker. When I save .xml (dita 1.2) file to .html I get different looking document. If I save it in PDF format the structure of the document is the same.


    In framemaker:



    In HTML (losing the offset):


    How can I have the same output in HTML format. Do I have to use Robohelp?

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    I've been using InDesign for the past year, and forgot how to change the display setting in FM to display graphics in the highest quality (so I can see them, not blurry pixels).

    In InDesign, the setting is View --> Display Performance --> High Quality Display

    Can anyone help me remember how to do the same thing in FM?


    P.S. These are vector eps graphics, they are not actually blurry raster images.



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  • 03/14/16--11:20: Add/insert a page in FM 12?
  • Hello, I apparently forgot how to use FM. How in the world can I insert a new page in a document?

    Thank you very much.

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    it seem that muse and photoshop are not launching anymore, when I try to open muse they tell me that " muse can not open because of a problem" and photoshop just doesn't do anything all !

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  • 03/15/16--05:07: Text Frame on Graphic Issue
  • text_frame1.png

    I have a text frame on top of a graphic for a Cover page as above.

    As soon as I try and enter text in the frame, the line background goes white, as below.



    The only way round it is to click on the graphic and select Send to Back.




    However, it doesn't seem to remember the setting. If I enter text in the text frame again, the same thing happens. I've tried everything to try to get this to stop but I can't fathom it out. Anyone any ideas? I'm on FM 11 if that makes any difference?



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    Hello all,


    Does anyone know how/where I can get a subscription or a serial for Frame 11? I have an FM 2015 subscription already, but plenty of my clients still use FM11. I had the trial version but it's expired. The 'Buy Now' link on FM11's splash screen just leads to a 404 page, and the 'License this software' button asks me for a serial, which I don't have. Support Chat is currently closed (surprise!)

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    With DITA 1.3 now released, can 1.3 replace 1.2 in Framemaker 12? If so, does anyone know how?

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    After moving from FM12 to FM2015 the scaling of images is lost. The images in the XML files contain width/height attributes, but when opening in FM2015 these are evidently not read, the image is displayed distorted and when saving the new XML file contains no width/height attributes any more.


    I suppose the r/w rules are the answer but cannot locale the relevant file. I copied the entire DITA_1.2 folder to the new program directory. It contains all the EDDs, templates and also the rules files. Everything else works fine (formatting etc.) just the image scaling doesn't. Is there another rules file hidden somewhere in the file structure?



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    We are in the process of migrating from PTC's Arbortext authoring tool to Adobe's Technical Communication Suite.  We have thousands of structured DITA content files currently stored in our company's standard repository, IBM Content Manager. We need to connect FrameMaker to IBM Content Manager, but we haven't been able to figure out how.  We've tried numerous times to contact our Adobe rep, but we get no response.


    Does anyone have experience with connecting FrameMaker to a CMS such as IBM Content Manager?  What is the process we need to follow?


    Thank you.

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    I'm having problems with external xrefs while importing xml files into FrameMaker 11. My internal xrefs are working correctly.

    I would like to create this link to the external xml file within the same folder. I have edited my structapps file to use xml for xref.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    My xml is:

    <english><xref refbook=”filename”/></english>

    My read/write rules is:

    element "xref" {

                   attribute "refbook" is fm attribute "linkend";

                   attribute "refbook" is fm property cross-reference id;       

                   attribute "format" is fm property cross-reference format;



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    (FM12 with .isf exported from RH11)


    The output log of FM12 multi-channel publishing (to WebHelp) includes may Warning references to this file: inset_0.fmv.


    The messages are of this form:


    Warning: "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\TPUBTMP\C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\TPUBTMP\H\ch_AddrBkMg\inset_0.fmv" cannot be copied to" C:\SVN\branches\d_o\zFM\H-WebHelp\C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\TPUBTMP\H\ch_AddrBkMg\inset_0.fmv". reason: source does not exist.


    No file with a name of the form inset_?, with any extension, exists in my content base.


    What does this result mean?


    Best regards,

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    The case (DITA 1.2):

    Paragraph A contains an image with a relative href path to an image.

    Paragraph A is reused (conref) in another Paragraph B in a topic located on another hierarchic position in the folder structure.


    Previous result (FM12):

    The image displays correctly, both if you open the topic containing Paragraph A or the topic containing Paragraph B.


    New result (FM2015):

    The image only displays correctly when opening the topic containing Paragraph A. When opening the topic containing Paragraph B, the image does not display. Evidently FM2015 expects a path that is correct relative to the referencing topic, not the referenced topic.


    It seems to me the previous (FM12) handling is correct. The DITA standard states: Processing xrefs and conrefs within a conref

    ..."When the address is a direct URI reference of any form other than a same-topic fragment identifier, processors MUST resolve it relative to the source document that contains the original URI reference."


    This spec only mentions xref and nested conref references, but it seems logical that is applies to image references as well.


    Does anybody know more about this? Is there any official statement?

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    How do I assign the license to one of our employees?

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    Aorès la réinstallation de FrameMaker sur un nouveau PC, le message "la licence de ce produit a expiré" est affiché

    Comment renouveler ce certificat de sécurité ?

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    It's been a long week already, and my brain has turned to mush – I thought I had once managed to set up this sort of report, but just at the moment I can't remember how. The context is a .book with many referenced graphics; each graphic has a caption, which I can identify by specifying a paragraph style.


    Any reminders on how to achieve this would be welcome, as would (I suppose!) confirmation that I'm just fantasising :-}

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